WCE 2023
WCE 2023 Overview
May 24(Wed)
May 25(Thu) May 26(Fri) May 27(Sat)
Welcome Reception Opening Ceremony Business Summit
[ESG Management Session]
Enhancing Corporate Global Competitiveness through Strengthening ESG Management
Leaders Summit
[Session 1]
Ocean Conservation for Climate Change
Leaders Summit
[Session 2]
Carbon Free Shipping Towards Better Ocean
Business Summit
[Business Leaders Roundtable]
City Summit
[City Mayors Roundtable]
Setting and Achieving Goals for Smart Cities to Achieve Carbon Neutrality
Closing Ceremony
- Dream Concert
City Summit
[Carbon-Neutral City Session]
City Challenges for Sustainable Prosperity in the Era of Global Climate Crisis
Business Summit
[Low Carbon Energy Session]
Creating New Market for Climate Industry through Low Carbon Energy
The New York Times
A New Climate
The New York Times
A New Climate
Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition
Opening Ceremony
① (Date/Location) 23.5.25 (Thursday) 10:30~11:40 / Auditorium
② (Attendees) About 2,000 people, including 269 invited guests, industry officials and the general public.
③ (Composition) Opening speech, welcome speech, congratulatory speech, theme video, congratulatory performance, keynote speech* etc.
* Keynote Speech: IEA Secretary General Fatih Birol, Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley University
④ (Main content) Presenting sustainable growth through transition to clean energy and climate industry as an answer to the climate crisis
ㅇ Expression of Korea’s confidence in fostering climate industry and hosting Expo
Division Presenter Main Content
Opening Address Han Deok-soo
(Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea)
● As a responsible member of the international community, we must work together to respond to the climate crisis and implement carbon neutrality, and we hope that the launch of the Climate Industry International Expo will serve as another momentum in attracting the 2030 Busan World Expo.
Welcome Address Taewon Choi
(Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
● Carbon neutrality is becoming a reality in all areas of society, and disruptive innovation is needed to implement carbon neutrality
● We hope that this International Climate Industry Expo will become a platform that creates innovative solutions and new business opportunities in the climate industry.
Hyeongjun Park
(Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City)
● As the 2030 Busan World Expo focuses on presenting a vision for a better future for all mankind, this expo shows that Korea is actively participating in responding to the climate crisis and is striving to find ways to coexist through solidarity with the world. Looking forward to the opportunity to confirm that there is.
Congratulatory Address Stephen Dunbar-Johnson
(NYT President, International Division)
● It is timely and honored for The New York Times to participate in a climate-related event being held in Busan, South Korea.
Keynote Speech Fatih Birol
(IEA Director-General)
● Current status of energy transition: Energy security and geopolitical implications
Richard Mueller
(Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley)
● Low-carbon power energy: essential for clean and sustainable energy.
Business Summit
ㅇ Business Leader Round Table
- (Date/Location) 23.5.25 (Thursday) 12:00~13:30 / Summit Hall, 2nd floor, Convention Hall
- (Organizer/Organizer) Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- (Attendees) 106 people, including VIPs at the opening ceremony and representatives of major companies participating in the exhibition
- (Main content) Sharing the sustainable management strategies of global companies in response to the climate crisis and the various efforts and experiences of companies and institutions to reduce carbon emissions
Division Presenter Main Content
Presentation Yolin Ang
(Google, Vice President of Global Partnership Asia Pacific)
● Google considers sustainable business operations as its core value, and not only prioritizes sustainability in its business operations, but also supports carbon solutions for its partners and helps consumers choose better carbon reduction products, technologies, and services. To do
Address of Welcome Jens Orfeld
(President, Asia Pacific, RWE)
● We have been in the power generation business using fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and nuclear power plants for 125 years, but are now leading the energy transition to renewable energy
Hak-Dong Kim
(Vice Chairman, POSCO)
● In 2020, we plan to become the first Asian steel company to declare carbon neutrality by 2050, expand the amount of gas inhaled, including hydrogen, and pursue the development of CCUS technology.
Ingun Svegården
(Head of Equinor Asia Pacific)
● Energy transition is a challenge that is too big to be solved by one company or one government, so it must be solved together
● Only when the government, companies, and the general public cooperate will we be able to supply better and more sustainable energy.
Guyoung Lee
(IEA Secretary General)
● Set a goal of achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions and plan to utilize carbon-neutral technology, such as expanding the use of renewable energy power and clean fuel
● We will strive to supply clean energy such as high-efficiency, low-carbon solar power products
Werner Group ● EKF is Denmark's public export finance institution that strives to achieve global carbon neutrality
● Provides financial support to more than 190 wind power plants in Canada, New Zealand, and other regions
ㅇ Business Summit Session (➊Low Carbon Energy Session ➋ESG Management Session)
- (Date/Location) 23.5.25 (Thursday) 15:00~17:00, 5.26 (Fri) 10:00~12:00 / Convention Hall 3rd floor
- (Organizer/Organizer) Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Korea Energy Agency
- (Attendees) About 640 people including speakers, panelists, government, industry, and the general public.
* (Low Carbon E) Speakers, panelists, etc. 7, attendees 353 / (ESG Management) Speakers, panels, etc. 8, attendees 272
- (Main content) Discussion of green business growth strategies of global advanced companies related to carbon neutrality and corporate responsibilities for a sustainable future, etc.
➊ Low carbon energy session
Division Presenter Main Content
Keynote Presentation Keisuke Sadamori
(IEA, Director of Energy Markets and Security)
● Under the theme of ‘stable and economical clean energy transition,’ the need to transition to low-carbon energy (renewable energy, nuclear energy, hydrogen, etc.) and energy security are emphasized to achieve carbon neutrality.
Ali Izzadi
(Bloomberg NEF, Asia-Pacific Regional Head)
● Under the theme of ‘Finding a path to energy transition,’ major action plans are proposed, including rapid expansion of existing technologies (solar energy, wind power), investment support for new technologies (CCS, nuclear power plants), and securing key minerals.
Panel Discussion ▪(Moderator) Kim Hee-jip (Visiting Professor, Seoul National University)
▪(Panel) Kim Jong-du (Vice President, Doosan Energy), Park Hyun (POSCO International General Manager) Ingun Svegården (Equinor Asia Pacific CEO), Kenan Nariman (ExxonMobil Korea President)
⟹ Main Discuss ways to achieve carbon neutrality and create new markets for the climate industry by sharing green business growth strategies related to low-carbon energy conversion of global energy companies
➋ ESG Management Session
Division Presenter Main Content
Special Speech Stephen Dunbar Johnson
(New York Times, President of International Affairs)
● NYT's emphasis on ESG and climate solutions on the role of media in responding to the climate crisis (providing accurate information and creating reader-centered consensus) under the theme of 'Media's Climate Change Storytelling'
Keynote Presentation Yolin Ang
(Google, Vice President, Global Partnerships Asia Pacific)
● Under the theme of ‘Technological Innovation for a Sustainable Future’, Google emphasizes the importance of sustainable corporate value through climate action (use of carbon-free energy, sharing and support of partner strategies, user support).
Servi Singavi
(World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Energy Transition Manager)
● Under the theme of ‘24/7 carbon-free power, a new frontier in power procurement,’ we urge participation in 24/7 CFE (Carbon Free Energy) through collaboration between the public and private sectors for the transition to carbon-free energy.
Panel Discussion ▪(Chairman) Jaehyuk Lee (Professor, Korea University)
▪(Panel) Seongnyeo Lee (Vice President, SK Eco Plant), Seongwoo Kim (Director of Kim⬝Jang Research Institute)
Jens Orfeld (President, RWE Asia Pacific), Ohsung Kwon (Vice President, Microsoft Korea)
⟹ Major global companies Discussion of EGS's management philosophy, investment efforts for carbon neutrality, and ways to improve the company's global competitiveness through climate and trade linkage.
City Summit
ㅇ City Mayor Round Table
- (Date/Location) 23.5.26. (Fri) 14:00~15:40 / Convention Hall 2nd floor
- (Host/Organizer) Busan City, etc.
- (Attendees) 8 people, including city mayors and governors (7 in-person, 1 online), and about 50 people, including officials
- (Main content) Market roundtable on setting and implementing carbon neutrality goals for representative cities in the global climate industry
Division Main Content
Keynote Presentation ㅇ (Mayor of Busan) Expects to develop a solution to respond to the climate crisis by discussing and exploring ways to cooperate on setting and implementing carbon neutral goals for each city.
Presentation ㅇ (Mayor of Auckland, New Zealand) Renewable energy accounts for 82% of electricity used in New Zealand, greenhouse gases account for 45% in the transportation sector, greenhouse gas reduction by 50% over 30 years, 50-year carbon neutrality goal, climate action budget support such as green bonds, etc.
ㅇ (Deputy Mayor of Casablanca, Morocco) Expectation of Africa's largest renewable hub by reducing fossil energy and expanding renewable energy, expanding renewable energy by 60% over 30 years, conducting large-scale seawater waste treatment project, building smart sustainable city, etc.
ㅇ (East Timor Dili Market) Emergence of climate issues such as decreased rainfall, increased temperature, and rising sea level, greenhouse gases account for 65% in agricultural sector and 17% in energy sector, need to solve sustainable infrastructure, water, agriculture, etc., waste disposal, smart agricultural technology magnification, etc.
ㅇ (Mayor of Esbjerg, Denmark) 50% of Denmark's electricity is converted from a city centered on wind power generation, fishing, and oil to an offshore wind power city, pursuing the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 30 years, continuing to expand wind power, solar power, and electric vehicles, and cooperating with the local community. strengthening, etc.
ㅇ (Chairman of Mombasa City Council, Kenya) Serious environmental pollution due to urbanization, expansion of green areas such as mangrove trees by 25% by 30 years, expansion of solid waste treatment facilities, ban on use of single-use plastics, strengthening participation in cooperation measures with each city, etc.
ㅇ (Mayor of New Orleans, USA) Establishment of a climate action plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 50 years, job creation by expanding renewable energy such as offshore wind power and solar power, technology development, training of eco-friendly professionals, commercialization of electric vehicles and expansion of walking, waste recycling, etc.
ㅇ (Vice-Chairman of Santiago City Council, Chile) Severe traffic congestion, promotion of environmental policies such as climate action, water resource management, ecological potential, and animal welfare, forest restoration project, expansion of bicycle paths in waterfront parks, preparation of local climate change action plan, resolution of drinking water issues in rural areas, etc.
ㅇ (Mayor of Busan) Goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 50 years, creating a 15-minute city, carbon neutral maritime city, green smart city, becoming a leading carbon neutral city by hosting the Expo, etc.
Joint Declaration ㅇ Joint declaration event to realize a carbon-neutral city
ㅇ Carbon Neutral City Session
- (Date/Location) 23.5.26 (Fri) 15:30~17:00 / Convention Hall 3rd floor
- (Organizer/Organizer) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport / Korea Agency for Land, Infrastructure and Transport Science and Technology Promotion
- (Attendees) 263 people, including 6 speakers, industry, academia, research institute, government officials, and the general public
- (Main content) Presentations and discussions by major city cases on promotion plans and strategies to realize carbon-neutral cities in response to the climate crisis
Division Main Content
City Case Presentation
(Maritime City Pilot Model)
ㅇ (Mateo Pietrobelli, CTO of Oceanix) Introduction to Oceanix Busan, a pilot project for Haesori City as a sustainable city model in response to climate change and sea level rise. Starting with the pilot model in Busan, it will develop into a model that can be introduced and expanded in coastal cities/countries affected by sea level rise.
City Case Presentation
ㅇ(Professor Kim Norman Andersen, Copenhagen Business School) Examples and challenges of Copenhagen to achieve carbon neutrality by 25 years, including renewable energy, public transportation and bicycle-friendly infrastructure, district heating and cooling infrastructure, waste treatment facilities, and carbon capture, storage, and power generation. Share your details
City Case Presentation
ㅇ (Elain Mülder, Senior Advisor to the City of Utrecht) Introducing the case of the “10-minute city” plan to solve urban problems such as traffic congestion in Utrecht, and the case of the Merwede region, which reduced vehicle ownership and minimized carbon emissions, and cooperation with partners in the process of implementation , emphasizing citizen participation and the government’s role in seeking to change citizens’ behavior patterns.
Panel Discussion ㅇ (Professor Jeong Ju-cheol, Pusan ​​National University) Busan City is focusing on carbon reduction in the transportation/building sector with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. To implement the policy, it will be necessary to link and institutionalize urban planning and carbon neutrality planning.
ㅇ (Professor Song Jae-min, Seoul National University) To achieve carbon neutrality in domestic cities, the importance of securing data to measure cities' carbon neutrality goals and policy effects, emphasizing the importance of role division and cooperation between local governments and the central government, emphasizing not only environmental aspects but also economic growth, There is a need to secure acceptance and sustainability through carbon neutral policies linked to various local issues such as social vitality.
ㅇ (Expert member Cho Dae-yeon) City carbon neutrality will be open and innovative through the participation of various entities such as government, industry, and citizens, and unique models will emerge depending on the environment of each city. In addition, it will be important for cities to make efforts to adhere to sustainable policies until the end.
Leaders Summit
(Date/Location) 23.5.27 (Sat) 14:00~16:00 / Summit Hall, 2nd floor, Convention Hall
(Host/Organizer) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, etc.
(Attendees) 16 speakers from 6 countries (Tuvalu, Belize, Barbados, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Bahamas) and 4 international organizations (PIF, IPCC, IMO, GGGI), and about 100 people from related organizations.
(Main content) Global cooperation and solidarity to respond to climate change in the maritime sector
Division Main Content
ㅇ (Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Cho Seung-hwan) Opening Remarks
ㅇ (Prime Minister Han Deok-soo) Congratulatory Remarks
1st Session (Theme) [Ocean Conservation and Climate Change] Moderator: Kim Hyo-eun, Ambassador of Climate Change, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Keynote Speech ㅇ Belize Prime Minister John Antonio Briceño
ㅇ Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, video
ㅇ Viliame Gaboca, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiji
ㅇ Henry Puna, Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF)
Presentation ㅇ (Song Myeong-dal, Head of Marine Policy, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries) Carbon neutrality through blue carbon
ㅇ (Ryu Jong-seong, Chairman of the Sea Committee of the Korean Federation for Environmental Movements) Korea’s efforts to respond to climate change through the ocean
ㅇ (Hyosung Strategy Division Head Hwang Yun-eon) Global companies’ efforts to preserve the ocean
2nd Session (Theme) [Decarbonization of Shipping Towards a Better Ocean] Moderator: GGGI Secretary General Raisberman
Keynote Speech ㅇ Prime Minister of Tuvalu Kausea Natano
ㅇ Kitlang Kabua, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Marshall Islands
ㅇ Miles Laroda, Secretary of State of the Bahamas
ㅇ IPCC Chairman Hoesung Lee
Presentation ㅇ (IMO Secretary General Lim Ki-taek, video) International trends and IMO's plans related to shipping decarbonization
ㅇ (Korea Register of Shipping Chairman Lee Hyung-cheol) Korea's shipping decarbonization efforts
ㅇ (Lee Sang-gyun, CEO of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries) Current status of Korea's eco-friendly ship technology development
Closing ㅇ (Cho Hong-sik, Ambassador for Climate and Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Closing Remarks
(Purpose) Operation of 8 exhibition halls*, business networking through over 500 domestic and foreign climate industry companies and Expo promotional halls, and support for exchanges in attracting Busan Expo
(Date/Location) 23.5.25 (Thursday) ~ 27 (Sat), BEXCO Exhibition Halls 1 and 2
(Exhibition scale) 500 participating companies, operating 2,195 booths
① Visit the exhibition hall
(Date/Location) 23.5.25 (Thursday), 09:10~10:20 / BEXCO Exhibition Hall 1
(Main attendance) 39 people, including the Prime Minister, ministers and vice ministers, representatives of the organizers, CEOs of participating companies, etc.
(Contents) Visit to 18 booths including Expo PR Center, Doosan, POSCO, SK, LG, etc.
② Exhibition hall operation
➊ Clean Energy Hall (Exhibition Hall 1)
ㅇ (Organizer/Organizer) Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Korea Energy Agency
ㅇ (Exhibition size) 225 companies, 533 booths
ㅇ (Exhibition contents) Solar power (tandem module), wind power (offshore wind farm VR experience center operation), hydrogen/fuel cell (hydrogen turbine operation demonstration, nuclear clean hydrogen production process), solar power, etc.
ㅇ (Participating companies) 225 companies (including 13 overseas companies) including Samsung SDI, LG Chemical‧Energy Solutions, Doosan, Hanwha Q CELLS, Korea Zinc, RWE, Equinor, Vestas, and Åsted
➋ Energy Efficiency Hall (Exhibition Hall 1)
ㅇ (Organizer/Organizer) Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Korea Energy Agency
ㅇ (Exhibition size) 19 companies, 170 booths
ㅇ (Exhibition contents) Introduction of energy management technologies such as high-efficiency energy, power consumption reduction, heating and cooling products, major energy efficiency products and technologies, and government policies.
- Energy saving technology, NET ZERO HOUSE, high-efficiency cooling equipment (new product), building energy management technology, high-efficiency boiler and lighting, etc.
ㅇ (Participating companies) 19 companies including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Autech Carrier‧Carrier Refrigeration, Daeyeol Boiler, Kyungdong Navien, and Solux (including 1 overseas company)
➌ Future Mobility Hall (Exhibition Hall 1)
ㅇ (Host/Organizer) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Korea Transportation Safety Authority, Korea Automobile Industry Association
ㅇ (Exhibition size) 18 companies, 291 booths
ㅇ (Exhibition contents) Introduction of future mobility technologies such as electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, eco-friendly ships, EV charging solutions, and autonomous driving, etc.
ㅇ (Participating companies) Hyundai Motor Company, Kia, Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Rotem, Hyundai Steel, HD Hyundai, HL Mando, HL Holdings, HL Clemuv, Kakao Mobility, Isolar Energy, Polestar Automotive Korea Ltd., Volkswagen Korea, Audi, Mercedes-Benz Korea Co., Ltd., Korea Automobile Research Institute, Morai Co., Ltd., Korea Automobile Industry Cooperative
➍ Carbon Neutral Hall (Exhibition Hall 1)
ㅇ (Host/Organizer) Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Industrial Intelligence Association, etc.
ㅇ (Exhibition size) 106 companies, 417 booths
ㅇ (Exhibition contents) Carbon neutral industrial policy and corporate support, carbon neutral excellent technology, technology transfer, technology commercialization, financial and tax support, carbon neutral leading company, new industry, future mobility, energy efficiency, resource circulation exhibition
ㅇ (Participating companies) Lotte Group, POSCO, SK Group, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Institute of Electronic Technology, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, TYM, Think for BL, Innobiz Association, Gyeonggi‧Busan‧Seoul Techno Park, leading carbon neutral universities 106 companies including
➎ Policy Finance Hall (Exhibition Hall 1)
ㅇ (Host/Organizer) Financial Services Commission, etc.
ㅇ (Exhibition size) 6 companies, 12 booths
ㅇ (Exhibition contents) Introduction of financial products and services of domestic policy financial institutions, sharing of financial and tax support information, etc.
➏ Expo Promotion Center (Exhibition Hall 1)
ㅇ (Organizer/host) Expo Hosting Committee, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Busan City, etc.
ㅇ (Exhibition size) 1 company, 45 booths
ㅇ (Exhibition contents) Promotion of hosting the 2030 Busan World Expo
➐ Climate Technology Center (Exhibition Hall 2)
ㅇ (Host/Organizer) Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries / Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, etc.
ㅇ (Exhibition size) 43 organizations and companies, 240 booths
ㅇ (Exhibition contents) Nuclear power, nuclear fusion, hydrogen, new and renewable energy, batteries, energy efficiency, CCUS, climate prediction, atmospheric improvement, marine climate change, blue carbon, use of undersea space, national ocean observation network, eco-friendly ships, marine waste upcycling, etc.
ㅇ (Participating institutions/companies) 43 including Korea Research Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, C1 Gas Refinery Project Group, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Ship & Offshore Plant Research Institute, Polar Research Institute, Korea Ocean Environment Corporation, National Marine Biological Resources Center, etc. Institution/Company
➑ Environmental Industry Hall (Exhibition Hall 2)
ㅇ (Host/Organizer) Busan City, BEXCO, etc.
ㅇ (Exhibition size) 80 companies, 180 booths
ㅇ (Exhibition contents) Water treatment, resource recycling, atmospheric environment, eco-friendly products and technologies, etc.
ㅇ (Participating companies) 80 companies including Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, Korea Environmental Industry Association, Busan Techno Park, Korea Southern Power Company, Panasia, Dongha, Hiqlo, Dowon Apex, etc.
ㅇ (Counseling) 62 public domestic consultations, 530 in-booth consultations*
* Including Busan City’s carbon neutral policy and 100 policy consultations
ㅇ (Contract) 11 cases of public domestic consultation contract promotion, 1 case of in-booth consultation contract conclusion
③ Operation of subsidiary programs
ㅇ (Exhibition Hall 1) Promoting 11 experiential programs* and 7 events**
* (Experience Program) 6,916 people participated in 11 programs including zero waste workshop and drone experience
** (Event) 13,365 people participated in 7 events including stamp tour and energy quiz show
ㅇ (Exhibition Hall 2) Promotion and operation of consultations and briefing sessions*, green certified product experience, stamp tour, ultra-small electric vehicle test drive event, and SNS certification/roulette event, etc.
* Domestic consultations (10 organizations invited), product briefings (10 companies presented), etc.
④ GGHK export consultation meeting
ㅇ (Host/Organizer) Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology, KOTRA
ㅇ (Date/Location) 5.25 (Thursday) ~ 5.27 (Sat) / BEXCO Exhibition Hall 1, 2 GGHK Booth
ㅇ (Number of consultations) 182 domestic companies*, 631 consultations
* 63 companies participating in the exhibition, 119 companies not participating
ㅇ (Consultation amount) Export consultation: USD 2.087 billion, Project consultation: USD 8.754 billion
ㅇ (Invited buyers) 99 overseas buyers and ordering companies including Vietnam, Oman, Kenya, etc.
Europe Middle East Africa Southeast Asia Southwest Asia Latin America China CIS Japan Sum
11 16 17 17 20 8 6 3 1 99
ㅇ (Content of consultation)
- (Environment) Purchase of products such as water treatment facilities, waste treatment and recycling, air sterilization, and filters, and construction of environmental infrastructure
- (Energy) Purchase of energy equipment such as solar panels, chargers, ESS, and inverters and construction of power generation/energy infrastructure
ㅇ (Counseling results)
- (Export Consulting) 381 consultations, 13 contracts and MOUs (USD 12,960,000)
* Fields: electric vehicle chargers, solar energy solutions, recycled products, water treatment facilities, etc.
- (Project consultation) 250 consultations, 10 MOUs (45,000 USD)
* Field: waste-to-energy business, sewage treatment plant construction, smart water management system, etc.
Special Event (NYT, ‘A New Climate’)
① (Date/Location) 23.5.25 (Thursday) ~ 26 (Friday) / Convention Hall 1st floor
② (Topic) Can the climate crisis be overcome through technology?
③ (Main content) Coastal resilience, energy conversion, green mobility, etc.
④ (Composition) A total of 11 sessions, including welcome speeches, keynote speeches, and panel discussions, with 28 speakers
⑤ (Program)
Division Program
Day 1 The New York Times Opening Remarks
The New York Times Day 1 Welcoming Remarks (Busan Mayor Park Hyeong-jun)
① Interview with Prime Minister Han Deok-soo
- What can technology do to solve the climate crisis and what should the government do?
② Sustainable mobility: Seeking the next step toward a green city
③ Sea level rise and coastline changes: challenges of coastal life
④ Desirable energy mix: the future of clean energy
⑤ Fuel for the future: Decarbonization of shipping
Day 2 The New York Times Day 2 Welcome Remarks
⑥ Jeju Island’s female divers (film screening)
⑦ Coastal protection: the potential for natural resilience
⑧ Are we prepared for large-scale climate migration?
⑨ The future of humane, circular and electric green mobility
⑩ Conversation with IPCC Chairman Lee Hoe-seong
⑪ Show through action: Putting influence into action through climate action
New York Times event key speakers
Receptions and Dinners
Division Welcome Reception Official Luncheon Welcome Dinner Summit Luncheons Leaders Summit Pre-Dinner City Summit Dinner Leaders Summit VIP Luncheon
Date May 24 (18:00~20:00) May 25 (12:00~13:30) May 25 (18:00~20:00) May 26 (12:00~13:30) May 26 (18:00~20:00) May 26 (18:30~20:00) May 27 (12:30~13:50)
Location Paradise Hotel Outdoor Garden BEXCO Convention Hall Rooms 201-204, 205 Park Hyatt Hotel Banquet Hall BEXCO Convention Hall Rooms 201-202 / 203-204 APEC Nurimaru Haeundae Yeijae BEXCO Convention Hall Rooms 201-202
Number of People 100 180 80 50 each About 40 About 30 About 30
Target Opening ceremony VIPs, ambassadors to Korea, summit VIPs, heads of relevant ministries and organizations, etc. Opening ceremony VIPs, summit VIPs, etc. Summit VIPs, NYT invitees, etc. Summit VIPs, NYT invitees, etc. Leaders, City Summit VIPs City Summit VIPs Prime Minister, Leaders Summit VIPs, 2030 Busan Expo Hosting Committee, etc.
Seating Style Standing Round Table Round Table Round Table Round Table Class Table Round Table
Organizers Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Energy Corporation/Busan City Ministry of Foreign Affairs Busan City Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Side Events
① Side events held: 27 (6 international, 21 domestic)
Division Location Form Number of Cases
International Events Convention Hall Rooms 104~105, 110 Bilateral Events (Forum/Conference, etc.) 2
Bilateral Talks 4
Subtotal 6
Domestic Events Exhibition Hall 1 and 2 Conference Rooms Seminars 10
Forums/Conferences 6
Briefing Sessions/Networking/Meetings 5
Subtotal 21
Total 27
② List of side events
Division No. Event Name Organized/Hosted By
International Events Bilateral Events (2) 1 Korea-Denmark Green Business Forum Danish Embassy in Korea, Wind Power Industry Association
2 5th Korea-Germany Energy Day Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, EKYE, EGIF, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Adelphi, Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bilateral Talks (4) 1 Korea-Germany Energy Cooperation Subcommittee Meeting Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, EKYE, EGIF, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Adelphi, Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2 Korea-Japan Energy Policy Talks Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
3 Korea-Oman Energy Vice Ministers Meeting Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
4 City Mayor Bilateral Meeting Busan City
Domestic Events Seminars (10) 1 2023 Carbon Neutral Seminars I~III Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Intelligent Society
2 Hydrogen/Ammonia Power Generation Policy and Technology Seminar Korea Electric Power Corporation
3 Seminar to Promote Green Consumer Life in Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Busan Green Purchasing Support Center Busan Green Purchasing Support Center
4 Is Agricultural Solar Power Feasible? Sublimation Technology Co., Ltd.
5 Geothermal Energy System Optimized for Urban Installation G&G Technology Co., Ltd.
6 Partnership Plan with Cities for Green Transition Embassy of Denmark in Korea, COWI
7 Solar Energy Construction Association Solar Energy Industry Education Korea Photovoltaic Corporation Association
8 2023 Busan Climate Change Council Seminar Busan Climate Change Council
9 Eco-Friendly Hydrogen and Ammonia Seminar Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Busan City, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology, International Newspaper, Busan Techno Park
10 Energy Innovation Technology Seminar for Carbon Neutrality Implementation Korea Energy Small and Medium Innovative Business Association
Forums/Conferences (6) 11 GGHK Global Green Vision Forum Ministry of Environment, KOTRA, Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology
12 Mineral/Cyclic Resources Technology Conference Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
13 Climate Future Forum Ministry of Science and ICT, National Green Technology Research Institute, Korea Testing and Research Institute, Our Future
14 Nuclear Clean Hydrogen International Business Forum Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, Hydrogen Convergence Alliance (H2K)
15 Green Nuclear Power Globalization Forum Korea Electric Power Corporation
16 1st BDI Busan Initiative Policy Forum Busan Research Institute, International Newspaper, Tannokwi, Busan City, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
Briefing Sessions/Networking/Meetings (5) 17 GGHK 2023 Project Briefing Session KOTRA, Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute
18 Climate/Environment/Carbon Neutral Promising Technology Briefing & Networking Day Ministry of Environment, Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute, FNP Partners
19 Ministry of Environment’s “Carbon Neutral City Project” Public-Private Meeting Ministry of Environment
20 Jeju’s Energy Transition Policy, Korea’s 2050 Carbon Neutral Leading City Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
21 Busan RE100 Council Executive Inauguration Ceremony and Corporate Meeting Busan Regional RE100 Council