General Policy
  • • Registration is free.
  • • However, if you apply for conferences and side events through on-site registration, seats may be limited due to limited seating.
  • • Registration: July 15(Mon.) – August 23(Fri.), 2024
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Registration Information
  • • When you complete the registration for the 2024 WCE, an email will be sent to you via email address you have entered. You will be able to receive event information such as newsletters.
  • • A QR code for on-site registration will be sent to your mobile phone, so please enter accurate information.
2024 WCE Information
  • • You can receive various event information by adding the 2024 World Climate Industry EXPO (2024 WCE) Instagram and KakaoTalk channel friends.
Photo/Video Permission and Copyright
  • • Photos and videos will be taken at the 2024 World Climate Industry Expo (2024 WCE). The taken photos and videos will be used for exhibition promotion and recording purposes and can be used in the 2024 WCE official website, official SNS accounts, and organizers' articles and reports.
  • • Personal photography and video taking is permitted within the fair. However, if you film the entire content and distribute it without permission, you may be held legally responsible.
  • • If you post or use personal photos or videos taken at the fair, please be sure to cite the source. (Source: 2024 World Climate Industry International Expo, 2024 WCE)
Contact Information
Program Contact
Job Fair
Future Energy Hall
(Korea Energy Show)
Carbon-free energy hall / Clean energy zone
(Korea Energy Show)
Carbon-free energy hall / Net Zero Zone
(Net Zero Expo)
Future Mobility Hall
(World Future Mobility Show)
Weather & Climate Industry Hall
(Korea Climate and Meteorological Industry Exhibition)
Environment & Energy Hall
(Environment & Energy Tech)